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Test Drive a Used Car

How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive

November 17, 2020

When you buy a new pair of shoes you usually try them on first before heading for the register, right? This same philosophy of “try before you buy” is extremely important in car buying as well. You’ve done hours of research, built and rebuilt your favorite car, truck or SUV on the manufacturer site...Read more


Checklist & Tips for Buying a New Car

October 22, 2020

Buying a new car can be daunting. It’s a big expense and it is a big part of your life. It’s also exciting! So, between the nervousness and excitement of purchasing a new (or used) car it can be easy to forget critical details that in the end could wind up costing you money....Read more

How to negotiate the best price for your car - signing the purchase agreement

How to Negotiate the Best Car Price

October 21, 2020

How to Negotiate Car Price Everyone wants the best price on a car, but not everyone has the confidence, experience, or knowledge to achieve this goal. If you’re new to the car-buying process or you just want a better experience from your second, third, or fourth vehicle purchase, Dick Hannah Dealership is here to...Read more


How to Transfer a Car Title

October 21, 2020

If you’ve managed to sell your car, your next step is to transfer the car title. This process requires a bit of paperwork, but should not be too complicated as long as you know how it works. In this blog post, you will learn what a car title is, how to transfer one, the...Read more

Happy Customer With Keys after Buying a Used Car

Exceptional Used Cars at Dick Hannah Dealerships

October 21, 2020

Are you looking for the best used cars for sale in the Southwest Washington and Portland Metro area? Dick Hannah Dealerships is the place for you. From used vehicles or excellent trade-in options, our signature ambition is to help our customers have the “nicest car-buying experience around.” Browse through our used cars online or...Read more


All About Hybrid Cars

October 20, 2020

Hybrid cars are not a new idea. Would you believe, such technology has been around for over a century! However, it wasn’t until the mid-90s that the trend became more popular and has continued to change and innovate the auto industry. Even as hybrid cars become more prevalent, many consumers aren’t exactly clear about...Read more


A First-Time Car Buyer Guide for New or Used Vehicles

October 19, 2020

Next to your mortgage or rent, your vehicle is likely your second-largest expense — and it’s one that you don’t want to get wrong. Your first time buying a car may bring a lot of uncertainty, especially when you don’t have the experience to draw on, but the feeling of independence, pride, and freedom...Read more

What to look for when buying a used car - happy looking couple after buying a used new car

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

October 16, 2020

Those in the market for a new car would do well to at least consider buying used. Certified pre-owned vehicles not only save you money on the purchase price, but they also yield lower insurance payments, help you avoid depreciation, and allow you to drive away in a nicer car than you may have...Read more