Test Drive with Nik Miles - 2022 Hyundai Elantra

Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Hyundai Elantra

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Hyundai Elantra. Nik takes us on a test drive and tells us about all the newest upgrades, how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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I’m Nik Miles and welcome to Dick Hannah’s Hyundai of Portland. Today I’m taking a look at the 2022 Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai has scored well above their weight class. They are fighting heavy with the new Elantra. This vehicle is fun and practical. It looks absolutely great in its class but at the same time makes absolute sense in every single trim level. We’re going to take a look at the exquisitely styled vehicle that is fresh off of the line, look at the interior, and all the technology it comes with, and find out why people are in love with the drive of the brand new 2022 Elantra. Let me stop talking. Let’s get to it.

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Do you know what I love about Hyundai Elantra’s? They have modes, driving modes and when I use them like I am now I have the choice between Normal, Smart, and Sport which I’m in. And Sport allows me to turn all the gauges red. Now I feel like I should be on an F1 track at Silverstone perhaps in England or somewhere. I am driving in Sport, all my gauges are red. A 10.25-inch screen for infotainment and for my gauges. All digital gauges are in the limited which we are driving. And the reason we’re driving a limited is you may not decide that limited is something that you want to drive. But we are showing you all the bells and whistles that you could possibly get in this vehicle. You can have your Sirius satellite radio. You can have all your infotainment. You can have your navigation. You can have your Bluelink from Hyundai. You can have your phone as a key. You can use your keyless entry into this system. You can have your Apple Carplay. You can have your Android Auto. All of those things come with your infotainment.

Let’s talk about the drive. This is a nimble car. It’s easy to drive. It’s great to get around in. They have made the drive so comfortable and easy to move lane changes and there’s quite a bit of power too. Now I am in Sport. I have to tell you. And that may be a little bit too sporty for some people. But it’s, you know, for someone that drives large horsepower cars as I do. This is quite a lot of fun to put your foot down. So, there is even an inversion of this Elantra if you should so desire to get yourself one of the best performance versions of this car out there. So, you could even do that.

Let’s talk about safety in this. Of course, there is Pedestrian Detection with Full Emergency Stop available. There is Lane Departure Warning. You can get that as standard in this vehicle. And then there are bells and whistles in this vehicle that come as extras. The more trim level advances that you make, you can get more safety systems. You can get safety packages on this vehicle. So, depending on what is comfortable for you and how much money you want to spend Hyundai has made it an easy step situation where you can get more and more. In this limited, there is nothing that is left out.

Silver accents on all of the buttons are easily laid out and obviously labeled. They also have the HVAC controls which are easily understandable, and nice, heated seats here at the press of a button. Everything for me is simple and I love my drive modes. Even my camera, by the way, I have a camera button here, my parking brake, my shifter. Everything has a nice silver aluminum-style button in the middle center console. And then there is some nice lacquered black style finish on the inside as well. And then plus the way they’ve designed this grab handle in the middle sort of sanctions the driver area off but there’s a nice grab handle for the passenger as well.

Steering wheel controls I of course have my adaptive cruise control in this particular vehicle with my Lane Departure Warning. That is what this top trim limited level has as well for me. And then I have good visuals throughout which this vehicle has. A great sound system and everything is within easy reach of the driver. For the money this vehicle, and by the way get up to 41 miles a gallon on the highway, is an absolute no-brainer. Everything from the base all the way up to the N. It should give everybody the breadth of trim level that you could possibly want.

Now the Elantra was one of the first vehicles that Hyundai launched with their brand new design language and that is very advanced and very angular. They suddenly got really aggressive with their design language, and this was one of the first vehicles to get that treatment. If you look around this vehicle, you’ll see bold styling with lots of angles and that’s very apparent when you take a look at this grille. Lots of geometric shapes throughout the grille. It’s that sort of flying wide grille that has all of these beautiful shapes in it. And it really gives this vehicle a look of modernity. It’s very modern when you look at the outside of the vehicle with the large Hyundai logo right in the center of the front here just below the hood opening.

And then as you progress around the sides, you’ll see these daytime running lights that sort of angle their way in two pieces all the way around to the fenders. And this is where the signals begin. The headlights here, and they’re sort of part of this angular shape, these lower valance pieces here, and these sorts of air style intakes come all the way around the side, and you see the shapes continue through the body itself just reflecting what you see in the lights and the shapes here all the way around to the edges of the wheel wells. And again, the shapes continue through the wheels. That sort of triangular shape is everywhere you look on this vehicle, in the bodies, in the fenders, in the bumpers. It’s all reflected throughout the vehicle, and it gives it this sort of dynamic modern feeling. And it doesn’t sort of stop here it goes all the way throughout the vehicle giving it a really different look. Nothing in the class looks as good as this vehicle does.

When you come down the side of the vehicle you get a two-color piece here, the body color at the top of the mirror, cladding colored bottom of the mirror, and then you get the light throughout the middle of the mirror as well. You’ll see the geometric shapes continue through the door, its monochromatic door colors, and then you get pieces of chrome at the bottom of the windows and then the black color at the top of the windows dividing up the glass or the daylight opening space as we like to call it.

Now monochromatic door handles, and then all those triangular shapes all the way through to the back, and then the wheels at the back exactly the same as the front. Beautiful triangular shapes until we come to what is one of the best rear quarter panels I’ve seen in any car. Look how all of it comes together in these backlights, and then the back lights absolutely beautiful right into the bed here and look at the back of the vehicle. Yes, one of the nicest tailgates with everything peeking out as the wind almost comes off the back of this vehicle and you have Elantra in what you’d normally see as a full luxury vehicle spelled out across the back of the vehicle, and of course, this is the limited. And then you can see the backup sensors all the way down to this nice gloss-colored black lower valance area. The back of this vehicle is the light housing that absolutely looks exquisite.

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