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Dick Hannah Jeep Donates Funds

Castle Rock, WA January 12th, 2012 – Dick Hannah Jeep has raised over $7000 in charitable donations in partnership with local Jeep enthusiasts to support the building and maintenance of ORV trails as a part of the Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Yacolt Burn Trails project. The donated funds were distributed to J.L Storedahl & Sons Inc., a local business out of Kelso, WA specializing in rock products, grading and excavating. J.L. Storedahl will supply the materials to the DNR road building and trail components of the project throughout the Yacolt Burn State Forest recreational area.

The Yacolt Burn Trails project is a recreation plan put together by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. The Yacolt Burn Forest is a highly popular recreation area in Southwest Washington. The Yacolt Burn Trails project will add about 80 miles of trails- 58 miles of trails for motorized vehicles and 20 miles of non-motorized trails.

The project emphasizes developing two separate trail systems, one for non-motorized recreation and the other for motorized recreation. Building two separate trail systems will result in a safer recreational environment where the two different groups will not have to compete for the same trails reducing conflict and accidents.

For more information on the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Yacolt Burn Trails project go to: www.DNR.WA.gov

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