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You Need Auto Repair. Now What?

Need auto repair in Vancouver WA or Portland? We can help!

Let’s face it – very few chores inflict more frustration and anxiety upon the masses than car troubles. To even casually consider the thought can involuntarily curl smiles into scowls. Auto repair is a loathsome and undesired expense, it severely limits your mobility, and unless you are fortunate enough for a breakdown to occur in your own driveway, the timing is always deplorable and occasionally dangerous.

Unfortunately, at Dick Hannah Dealerships we cannot buckle you into our Delorean, throttle the engine to 88 mph and erase any of your prior frustrations. (Besides, we hear time travel is pretty dangerous). However, you can choose to eliminate all future anxieties by trusting your auto service and auto repair needs with our family-owned dealerships in Portland, Vancouver and Kelso/Longview. After all, there’s a reason Dick Hannah Dealerships has survived since the 1940s, and it has nothing to do with our healthy diet and all these crunches we’ve been doing lately.

Portland’s Family-Owned Auto Repair Shops

Quite simply, cars are in a our blood. For three generations auto service and auto repair has coursed through our veins. And, at the risk of sounding overly confident, we’re pretty darn good at it. This is not a profession we “fell” into accidentally or pursued for ourselves as a backup plan. Instead of grass stains and sunburns our childhoods were conversely smeared with grease stains and oil. We love cars. We understand them. And when you entrust your Portland and Vancouver auto repair needs to our family-owned repair shops you are not only helping yourself, you are simultaneously helping us fulfill our purpose as a family.

Furthermore, all of our family-owned Portland auto service body shops are firmly embedded within the communities of Portland, Vancouver and Kelso/Longview. We are your neighbors, your friends – our kids attend school together. And for every dollar you spend at a Dick Hannah local auto repair shop a portion of that dollar eventually returns to the community to support good causes, including a recent donation to the Children’s Cancer Association totaling $550,000. We are tremendously thankful for your unwavering support over the past few decades, and in return we feel obligated to give back.

Our Portland and Vancouver auto repair shops are family-owned since 1949.

Also, perhaps most importantly, you can trust us. Independent Portland auto repair shops and corner garages pop up and vanish more quickly than a sad game of Whack-a-Mole. However, Dick Hannah has thrived through 12 presidents, multiple recessions, frightening global conflicts, the eruption of our nearest volcano, and some really awful music in the 80s – all because we are completely trusted within the community and viewed as the most elite auto repair in Portland and Vancouver.

In the end we understand that servicing your car is generally not a pleasurable activity, and it is not something that any ‘normal’ person would include within their online dating profile as a personal hobby. But we would. So ‘believe in nice’ and schedule a car service appointment with us when your car needs auto repair in Portland. Will it be fun? Probably not. But we’ll fix your car quickly and provide great customer service without charging you and arm and leg.

You’ll need those to drive home.

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