Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2023 Hyundai Elantra N-Line

Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2023 Hyundai Elantra N-Line

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2023 Hyundai Elantra N-Line. Nik takes us on a test drive, tells us about all the newest upgrades and how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

After the video, make sure to check out our selection of Hyundai Elantra N-Line at our dealership in Portland.


I’m Nik Miles for Dick Hannah Hyundai of Portland with the 2023 Hyundai Elantra N-Line. We are going to show you how this great commuter could sit in your driveway. We’re going to take a walk around the outside, show the inside, and put it on the street and see how it drives. So, let’s get going.

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Now, although this has a 1.6-liter engine in your mind you might think that’s a little small. However, the turbocharger and the lightweight construction of this vehicle allow acceleration to be quite nippy and that allows this vehicle to maneuver in and out of traffic. At the same time, Hyundai has improved its steering so much that this car is easily positionable in whichever lane you should choose to be in. And it makes a lot of sense to use this vehicle as a daily commuter.

Now, I enjoy driving the Elantra and have done it in several different generations and find that there is a very hard-to-beat idea of driving this size of car as a commuter car. The smoothness of the ride is great for this size of vehicle. It was only a few years ago that Hyundai re-engineered the Elantra, and they did a good job. The ride is great. You’ll notice that even when I brake, and I’ll do that for you now, we went from about 40 to 20 miles an hour. No lurching forward. The vehicle stays pretty level. You’ll also notice that during acceleration you can get pretty fast going from about 35 to 45 miles an hour. I did it very quickly.

I enjoy the fact that this vehicle has just over 200 horsepower out of the 1.6-liter turbo engine. You’re not buying a race car even though it looks a little bit like the Lamborghini on the outside. We mentioned that it does have paddle shifters on the steering wheel so you can do a little dynamic driving if you want to be a sports car driver. However, it’s really made much more as a family commuter car and so if you want to set off from the lights and you want to use the paddle shifters you can, but you can never really outpace the transmission in the car itself.

A good list of safety features come with this vehicle. Of course, Hyundai is famous for championing the original pedestrian detection and full-stop emergency braking with all of its vehicles. And they wouldn’t make an exception for the Elantra. It is installed in this vehicle as well. There are a number of optional safety features as well you can get with the Elantras. And this of course has many standard features. There is a list of them available. And there of course are optional features as well that you can get on every single Elantra. So, you can look at those features including lane departure warning and all of the other features available depending on which model you choose but the N-Line is well equipped at the very start.

On the inside Hyundai has done a good job of laying everything out. There are no analog gauges. All the gauges are now digital. And if you take a look at those gauges there are two large screens. You can program those to give you the information that the driver requires. And then there is your infotainment screen to the right of that. Now, the way they have laid it out here makes the whole thing look like one single large screen. Now, of course, the infotainment screen is a touch screen. You can swipe it just like you swipe your cell phone and get the required information here. It does have Apple Carplay and Android Auto. At the same time, you can have your phone projection here, also voice memo, and climate control. Everything can be run including HD radio and satellite radio as well. There is even a valet mode if you so choose to valet your Hyundai Elantra for 2023 you can do that. It also has the famous Bluelink system which Hyundai has, and you can do things from your smartwatch as well.

Then, of course, all the other amenities that you expect to have including your navigation system as well as notifications and your user manual which Hyundai put on to the screen many years ago one of the first companies to be able to do that. HVAC controls are below that. They still have some physical buttons as well to make sure the vehicle is not just digitally run from the infotainment screen. So, there’s a lot of that. And then below that, a wireless charging pad, then your shifter, cup holders, and the traditional brake so you can still do those handbrake turns again if you wish to enjoy some of the traditional sporty driving features as well.

Comfortable seats are nicely laid out on the interior, even red stitching on the inside of this N-Line. Of course, the steering wheel still has the sporty look of the N-Line and then the seats are N-Line seats, and the pedals have the nice N-Line style finish. And then the interior has that sort of dark look. They’ve given it a nice wide-open stretched feeling and a cool finish to make it look sportier than many of the other vehicles in its class. So, good refinement and a nice finish on the interior. Doesn’t look dated at all as some of the other vehicles in its class. And the sporty N-Line finish does give it more of a race car feel which I kind of like in a vehicle but without the cost of a lot of gas sucking. And it really does give you a sportier feel to the whole vehicle.

The N-Line is significant because it looks more like a race vehicle, and it has that sort of robust exterior. Now already the Elantra looks a little different than every other car in its class because it has that chiseled aggressive look on the outside. The grille looks very different than any other vehicle in its class. But it has N-Line badging on this 2023 Elantra that gives it that little more superior race car look. The grille already has a significantly different look and when you come around the front, you’ll start to see this chiseled look. Lower valance, then you have this piece of sort of ducting work here that actually has real aero intakes at the edge here. The lights, they sort of come into part of the grille here, up to the indicator lights and the daytime running lights at the edge here. Come into the chiseled fenders and you start to see this style of Lamborghini-type look here. It has those very distinctive cut lines to the side of the vehicle.

Now I’ve said this before in my other videos that I’ve done but Hyundai has some of the best wheels in the industry. And this has really good-looking 18s on it. You’ll notice the colors are both black and silver and they have those five-spoke wheels that have a lot of intricate design on them. Let’s come around to the side and have a look again at that lower valance. They have this sill here painted in black, part of the N-Line, and the N-Line badging here. The mirrors have gloss black at the top and gray at the bottom. The whole window is encased in gloss black around, monochromatic door handles, those body shapes very similar to Lamborghini at the side here, chiseled. And then we come around the back. Still monochromatic sides of the paint, no cladding here to give it that very sports car look. Amazing wheels are the same as the front at the back, and again just like a luxury car, you have the Hyundai symbol in the middle of the wheels at the back here. The chiseling continues at the back and the lights come right into the side here of the vehicle. Then your back bumper begins all the way back here at the shoulders. At the back, you can see what a muscular shoulder is here.

The actual trunk begins back here, but you see this little spoiler on the trunk, that sort of gives it that very aero look at the back here. And then as you come around here the lights continue in the back. Elantra is written all the way across the back of the vehicle, just like a luxury vehicle. And then opening the trunk, press the button here and you get into the trunk. And you can pack 14 cubic feet of stuff into the back of the Elantra for your road trip or for hauling your kids’ stuff around for all of their sports or after-school events.

Very comfortable back seat here. You can fold down the center armrest if you have just two people sitting here, although, it does seat three in the back. And the center armrest also has two cup holders in it. There is 38 inches of legroom back here. The front seat in front of me, where I would be sitting to drive, is in the right position for me and it’s almost walking distance.

Alright, there’s three ways to put this vehicle in your driveway. Pick up the phone, give Dick Hannah Hyundai of Portland a call, go to the website, and contact them that way or come on down and they’ll be happy to put you in one for a test drive.

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