Test Drive with Nik Miles - 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Toyota Tacoma. Nik takes us on a test drive, tells us about all the newest upgrades and how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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I’m Nik Miles at Dick Hannah Toyota to show you this an exciting 2022 Toyota Tacoma. We’re going to take a look at the outside, the inside and see how it drives on the road. This is one of the most reliable trucks out there, and it’s also one of the best values for money not only to purchase but over the length of its lifetime. So let me stop jibber-jabbering, and let’s get it on the road right now.

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Alright, so the drive of this vehicle is actually very easy to drive. Its mechanicals are well tested, well proven. The thing I really love about it is the steering is fairly heavy, and that makes me feel like I’m in control of the vehicle at all times. It’s one thing that Toyota does really, really well in their vehicles. It makes the steering feel like you’re absolutely precisely putting the vehicle exactly where it’s supposed to be on the road. And even though it’s 159 horsepower, this vehicle can get up and go when you need it. It allows you, if you’re going to do some off-roading in a 4×4, which this one is, and the V6 it allows you to place the vehicle exactly around the rocks and the mud and the stones and the snow and the ice where you want it to be. And it makes it more in control and giving you more power when you step it up from the four-cylinder, which is the 159 horsepower, to the larger engine. It allows you to have a little more control in the vehicle, and you can see that sounds like an Atkinson cycle V6 engine. It’s just a little more engine. Steering wheel controls, everything is laid out really nicely. There is good power, nice controls, automatic shifter is very straightforward, and then HVAC controls very simple to operate, very clear, right above the shifter.

There are cool tech items inside this vehicle that you may not expect in the one step up from the base truck, and that is a touch screen infotainment system. This does have it, but it also has buttons on the side, so if the touch screen’s a little too much for you, you can use the buttons on the side with a real true volume dial as well. Multiple things like navigation system in this. Menus, home button, those people that did away with home buttons in their vehicles, shame on you because it’s horrible trying to find how to get home using back arrows and things like that in your touch screen. And by the way, this touch screen is a full-color touch screen as well. That is very nice, isn’t it? Has Sirius XM Satellite as well.

There are actually four cup holders up front here, and then something that I miss in a lot of vehicles, and that is the old-fashioned manual handbrake. And why do I love that? Well, you can do handbrake turns which is not very adult of me to say, but I do miss doing handbrake turns in cars. Everything else in the vehicle is fairly straightforward and nicely laid out. It has some silver-style trim on the inside. The plastic is not soft plastic, it is fairly basic trim on the inside, but the headliner is soft headliner; the seats are cloth, but fairly soft and very comfortable.

The floor level is high in Tacomas, and that is very classic of a Tacoma. But I’m shorter, so I enjoy the seating of Tacomas, and the back seats in this cab configuration is small, so it’s not going to be great for somebody on a long journey, and you might want to consider that. But it also is great if you need to get extra passengers in this vehicle for a shorter trip.

One big thing that I think they do in this vehicle that a lot of people miss is it does have an SOS button in here, and that is very, very useful. You may never use it, and hopefully, you’ll never use it, but in one touch of a button, you can get help when you need it. That, to me huge thumbs up and something that some of the base-level competition do not have. And Toyota are always about safety, as we can see in the fact that they have all the right airbags in the right places. And, of course, the backup camera in this vehicle.

Now the Toyota Tacoma comes in five different grade levels, and this is an SR5. The base level is an ASR. You step one step up, and you get this SR5. Now you’ll know that every single Toyota Tacoma gets a different grille and different exterior depending on what grade level it is, so this is exclusive to the SR5. But there’s a slight caveat to what I told you, and this one has a factory lift kit on it, and it also gets a separate grille because it has that lift kit on it. This is called The Heritage grille, a nice black grille with Toyota written on the front here. And this, of course, has the bar in the middle. Below the grille, there is the lower bumper, and then, of course, you have the license plate holder in here. Below that, depending on what you actually get, if you get up into some of the TRDs and the off-roading versions of this vehicle, you would also have a skid plate, a TRD skid plate. So, of course, if you’re going over rocks and you’re bashing the underneath, that protects the engine, and the skid plate will also protect any of that piping to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

Alright, continuing around the side, it has the body-colored moldings around the wheel wells, and because this has the factory lift, it actually has a big gap between the top of the wheels and the body itself. Now, BF Goodrich Tires on this vehicle those are specially made for the Tacoma, and this vehicle also has new wheels for 2022. That is the only big change between the 2021 and 2022. It gets big new wheel options.

Alright, continuing down the side, once you step up from the SR to the SR5, you do get this mirror which goes from a monochromatic mirror to a mirror which has cladding on the bottom and then monochromatic paint on the top. As you step up through the grades, you get more and more options with the mirror, including turn signals when you get into some of the upper trim levels. Continuing down the side monochromatic door handles as you choose what kind of cab style that you get, you can actually get different cab styles in different grade levels. In, of course, the SR5, you don’t get the possibility of the back doors. This does have the back door opening, so you can get into the back seat here.

In the tailgate, you have the Toyota name, which is the handle to open the truck, the backup camera, and the key, of course, which you can use manually to lock and unlock the tailgate. Damper tailgate, which is nice so it doesn’t fall down quickly. There are four tie-down points here, which are static, and then in the rails, you actually have four movable tie-down points. And this, of course, has the bed liner in it as well.

When we talk about towing, there is a few variables here, but it tows between around 3,400 pounds and 6,500 pounds. It depends on what bed size you have and what engine size you have, whether it’s two-by-four or four-by-four. So if you have a two-by-four and a smaller bed, it’s 3,400 pounds, and whether you have a 4×4 and the larger V6 engine, it’s 6,500 pounds. So towing is great.

Alright, so in summation great reliability, good towing, and a truck that has amazing resale value.

Now there are three ways to get a hold of Dick Hannah Toyota. You can pick up the phone and give them a call, and you can find them on the interwebs or come on down. Because if you think a 2022 Toyota Tacoma will look great in your driveway, the guys at Dick Hannah Toyota would love to put you in one.

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