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Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Toyota Sienna

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Toyota Sienna. Nik takes us on a test drive and tells us about all the newest upgrades, how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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I’m Nik Miles for Dick Hannah Toyota in Kelso, Washington, taking a look at the 2022 Toyota Sienna, a great piece of family transportation and for this year it only comes in a hybrid. This vehicle is all-wheel drive, it takes between seven and eight passengers and I’m gonna show you the outside, the inside, and we’re gonna put it on the road and find out what the best in family transportation has to offer. So, let’s get going.

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So, there is a 2.5-liter gas engine under the hood of this. Plus, there is of course the hybrid electric motor and then that new TNGA platform which is super super stable. And now this doesn’t feel like those minivans of old. It’s actually a super pleasant drive and I don’t feel like I’m in a bus hauling kids around. I actually feel like it’s quite a dynamic drive. Throw in those 36 miles a gallon and 600 miles on a single tank, you’ve actually got quite a fun piece of machinery.

And then Toyota has given you an outstanding warranty with this vehicle. Eight years on the vehicle itself, plus 10 years on the hybrid powertrain, and then Toyota also gives you a standard warranty, two years on standard maintenance, or 25,000 miles whichever comes first. So, there is a lot of great warranty here.

There is also the Toyota name brand which gives you that peace of mind because you know the resale value of any Toyota is great. The maintenance is very simple to do, and the vehicle will stand up, so you’ve got all of that, the peace of mind, the safety, good looking, reliability, it comes with the entire package.

Plus, Toyota has been working on their infotainment system. They now have this nine-inch screen in this vehicle with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto plus all the latest infotainment systems go into this vehicle. And I’m looking at the screen now that gives me all of the information about where my power is going. I’m looking at energy usage between the battery, the engine, and the wheels, so I know how my power is being used. You have your whole HVAC controls which are very wide open. It’s an absolutely perfect system for me. Plus, you get those six people in the second and third-row combined. So, a perfect piece of family transportation.

Plus, Toyota has some very very cool new systems. They have that system where you don’t have to turn around and shout at the kids in the second or third row. They use a microphone up front here, it uses the speaker in the back, so they can hear exactly what you’re saying using that intercom style system to the second and third row.

Then in the back, you have your little USB port so everybody can have their personal devices. You know in the original minivans you were using ipads and people using their phones, to get around, and to use all the information, the old minivans had their overhead systems with CD players. You don’t need that now. Every kid has their own iPad, and every kid has their own cell phone. So, you don’t need that CD or that DVD player in the back. Everybody brings it with them. So, they put USB ports in there, USB-C in the second row, a USB-A in the second row, and also in the third row they even have power supplies too.

And feel how smooth that is. Just stop and go. The hybrid system, the balance of the whole vehicle, really well balanced, easy to steer, easy to get around, and I’m burning very little gas. Thirty-six miles a gallon.

So, interior nicely decked out, even this for the base model, wood trim, nice high center console, shelf underneath, with everything storage, two cup holders, center shifter, you’ve got your EV only mode button here, your electronic parking brake, different drive modes here, you can choose when you’re driving around, third and fourth cup holder, and a separate storage area here for larger items like ipads as well. So, they’ve talked about everything. They’ve built everything for everybody inside this vehicle and it’s decked out enough for the whole family, and this is just the base model. That’s the interior of the brand new 2022 Toyota Sienna.

Here’s one of the best things about Toyota. When they change the trim level on their vehicles, they also change the front grille and the exterior look. Now you can tell by looking at this vehicle it’s a member of the Toyota family. They have that great Toyota look on the exterior. And hybrids are denoted by this different look to the Toyota badge. It has blue on the interior of the badge. The big Toyota front, the big smile face, it also has this look, the LE look, a lower valance here, and an air intake at the bottom, as well as the grille, and air intake here allowing air into the radiator.

It’s got a lot of form and function for 2022. This is on their new platform, the TNGA platform, and you’ll notice when you get in and test drive this vehicle the platform actually is a lot more stable than previous versions of the Sienna. Now, this only comes in a hybrid, so the new platform allows that electric battery to sit on the floor of this brand-new Sienna.

Now let’s go around the edge and look at the changes around the side of the vehicle, what’s new for this vehicle. Now headlights stretch out of the side of the grille all the way around the side of the fenders, wheel wells come up, a straight cut down the side, the fender actually rolls into the hood, a very square- straight box-type cut to the edge, looking fairly masculine for a minivan. Straight cut to the side mirrors, monochromatic look, black bottom to it, fairly straight sides with a little piece of indentation here, and the side seals a small step here. Door handles, of course, the same color as the body paint, and then most of the daylight opening space, the glass space here, just surrounded with a bit of chrome at the top, but most of it is black, the B-pillar is black down the sides.

Of course, the doors in the minivan, easy opening doors, push-button here, electronic doors to get inside the vehicle as well, fairly low step height. You’ll notice some minivans in this class have a fairly high step height, but these doors have a fairly low step height, so small and younger kids have a much easier time in getting in. You also notice these grab handles on the side make it much easier for people to climb into the vehicle as well. Again, single touch here to get the door closed. Now, of course, there’s a button on the side here, and the driver also has buttons that can open and close the doors as well.

Carrying on down the side, gas, nice big wheels on the side here, and you get a choice of different wheels depending on your trim level as well. Lights begin here at the quarter panel at the back, nicely shaped lights, not boring at all. Toyota has really stepped up their design in the last few years. And coming around to the trunk, all-wheel-drive denotion badge there, nice piece of trim work here, before denoting the back of the vehicle here.

And let’s get the trunk open up now. In the trunk here you have the stow and go seat storage so putting the seats away is quite easy. You can go from a three-row vehicle, down to a two-row vehicle, and it’s an easy operation. Number one, number two, there you go suddenly you have more trunk space quite simply in this vehicle. You’re down to two rows and you can get all of your family stuff in the back of this vehicle.

Alright, it’s very roomy inside a minivan. You’d expect it to be around 40 inches of legroom here in the second row. Talking about cargo space, you get about 35 cubic feet there in the trunk, you want to put that down, and you maybe put all the rows down, you get huge amounts of cargo space somewhere around 101 cubic feet. And that’s enough to go to the hardware store and get pretty much anything you want to deck out your house or garden. There’s going to be a few instances where you need to rent a truck to get some stuff over to your house, but most instances for home projects this is going to be a vehicle that will get most things home for things that you might need to do on the weekend.

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