Test Drive with Nik Miles - 2022 Subaru BRZ - Dick Hannah

Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Subaru BRZ

I’m Nik Miles with Dick Hannah Subaru. If you’re looking for one of the most pure sports cars on the road today then Subaru makes one of the finest little go-getums as I like to call them on the road, the BRZ. This vehicle really is one of the finest and it is the only vehicle that they make in its class. Now we’re going to put it on the road, give it a test drive, and show you why this will give you thrills for everyday driving and getting around town plus open highway fun. So let’s have a drive.

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It’s really a true sports car with Subaru DNA in this vehicle and I’m quite impressed. Now the gauges in front of the driver have quite a lot of information and you can use the steering wheel controls to get out and about through all the materials inside here. And, there’s gauges on both sides of the tachometer and just a slight glance down will allow you to see everything you actually need. 2.4 liter engine with a manual transmission, naturally aspirated, and the majority of the BRZs that will be on the market will be 2.4 liter manuals. And of course manuals make it all the more fun because this is probably one of the purest sports cars out there and it’s lightweight, it’s low to the ground, and this is what driving pleasure is all about. It’s kind of that JDM fun to drive feeling. I could spend hours riding around in this vehicle because it is sort of driving purity and you don’t need much more than a 2.4 liter engine because this vehicle is so lightweight, it’s so easy to drive. You could throw it around the road, you can have so much fun on windy roads, canyon roads, or freeway. It’s just easy to maneuver and Subaru did an absolutely brilliant job with designing this vehicle. You can easily throw it down, and see, it just takes off so easily when you want to. It’s very well balanced and very easy to drive.

It’s a very modern interior inside this vehicle. And, it’s actually quite pleasant to look at and easy to get around all of the interior features on this vehicle. You have an infotainment screen right up front, eyes down to the HVAC controls. The buttons are easily marked so you don’t take your eyes off of the road for very long. You can see exactly what you need to do and then all of the graphics are bright red. Now it does have a two plus two packaging, two seats up front and two behind. But it’s really driver focused in this. You can do four people, but it’s all about the driver. Everything is facing the driver and it’s about the driving experience. It is just a fun vehicle.

Now just because this is a sports car, a performance Subaru for the driving enthusiasts doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some creature comforts. It does have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius XM radio and you also can get telematics and if you step up to the higher trim levels you can also get some semi-luxury features. So, the vehicle is a great buy if you enjoy driving and is a lot of fun if you want to take it out on a road trip and have some time with some friends who like to do the same.

The BRZ has got to be one of my favorite Subarus on the market. And, of course Subaru is known as an adventure vehicle company but this is a different kind of adventure vehicle. If you just take a look at the exterior of the BRZ you can tell it’s going to be fast and not only fast but fun to drive. When you look at the front it’s already shaped to cut through the wind. Now there is a lower grille opening here at the very bottom and this of course keeps that 2.4 liter engine cool. If you come around to the side, very smooth, large openings at the bottom, go into these beautifully shaped fender flares at the side. Large lights, and then these fender flares curve nicely with a lot of shape to them and you’ll see the bulges in the hood. This vehicle is made for dynamic driving but one of the things you will notice in this class of vehicle is the bulges in the hood. This is very distinctive and is one of the things that I think make this vehicle probably very noticeable especially at night.

Now bright colors is a big thing that Subaru make in the BRZ and you’ll notice this blue is also a distinctive part of the makeup of the vehicle. Coming off of the fenders, the mirrors, of course, monochromatic mirrors that go with the rest of the body and those lines down the side of the body and the sills very smooth, not a lot of angular lines in the doors, just very smooth all the way down the body. Of course, the door handle same color as the body, all the way down to these big bulges at the back of the vehicle, and then of course to the lights at the back. Now these light housings are probably one of the most significant and complicated things in the vehicle. One of the most beautiful things coming up to this ducktale fin at the back which houses the brake light and then the piece of black plastic across the back has the opening to the trunk in it, the Subaru badge, the name BRZ and then coming down to the bottom again light housing at the very bottom, twin exhaust, very simple design at the back. This vehicle is very simple on the outside but a lot of the complexity is in the engine, how it’s designed, and the fun comes in the driving once you get behind the wheel.

Now if you’re looking for some thrills from a brand new Subaru BRZ you can give Dick Hannah Subaru a call in the Vancouver Auto Mall, come down, or check them out online. They’d be happy to put you in one today.

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