Test Drive with Nik Miles - 2022 Kia Forte

Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Kia Forte

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Kia Forte. Nik takes us on a test drive and tells us about all the newest upgrades, how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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Hi, I’m Nik Miles at Dick Hannah Kia in the Vancouver Auto Mall to show you a very special member of the Kia family. This is the 2022 Kia Forte, the smallest member of the Kia sedan family and a hidden gem in that family. This vehicle for 2022 gets a brand new front and rear. It also gets a 10.25-inch infotainment screen, and some safety features are brand new. Plus, this vehicle gets a new trim level in the GT line. This is an LXS trim level but there is a trim that gets 39 miles a gallon, a trim that gets 41 miles a gallon, and we’ll find out if this is the right vehicle for your family’s driveway. So, let’s put it on the road, check out the outside and the inside, and find out if this vehicle is the perfect sedan for everybody.

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I always feel super safe in a Kia. It does the vehicle detection in front of you and if you should fail to do the braking the Forte has the available feature of now doing the emergency braking for you. And of course, Kia was one of the first companies to offer that and now they’ve increased their number of features. They have around six very, very highly adaptive emergency features in the vehicle. But then they also have this sort of peace of mind of that 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty that Kia has always offered. And that’s something that they offer on every one of their vehicles and it just makes you feel more confident when you purchase a Kia.

Now the Forte has gone through some major updates for 2022 in the front and the back on the outside. But it also has the new 10.25-inch screen. Now they have the new GT line. They have the GT and the LXS which this is. This has the smaller 8-inch screen, which I’m quite happy with, by the way. And then if you want to you can do your Bluetooth, your phone projection, your USB, and your FM. Plus of course, that’s if you don’t want to use the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And it is a full touchscreen versus the regular non-touchscreen versions that are in some other vehicles. You can get around all the menu items like your phone, you can even use the voice memos in this vehicle, your radio, you can even go to a quiet mode if you have kids sleeping in the back of the car, etc on this vehicle. So, there’s a lot of great infotainment options as well in the Forte.

Two-liter engine in this and so it’s got quite a lot of get up and go. Probably should make sure I watch my speed a little bit. Despite the fact that this is a smaller sedan it’s quite easy to get up and speed. The vehicle is super nippy. I like the idea of being in these smaller sedans just for parking maneuverability. And then we don’t even bridge on the fuel economy. This actually gets a highway fuel economy of 39 miles a gallon, but you can get as much as 41 miles a gallon. And with fuel as much as it is nobody is complaining about getting 41 miles a gallon in fuel economy as well.

As far as the steering wheel is concerned you can use cruise control. It also allows you to turn on and off your lane departure warning and of course, you can control things like your Bluetooth and your volume those types of things, scroll through menus. It’s super useful to be able to do that without taking your eyes off the road I’ll tell you. I want to show you this really cool feature. I’m sitting at a light here and stopped and the traffic in front of me is just about to move away and when it does move away and I’m not paying attention the car is going to tell me. Hear that beep? That means that the car in front of me moved away and that means the vehicle in front of me, the lead vehicle, has moved off so you know how you pick your cell phone up and you read it at a traffic light? Well, this car will tell you, pay attention, the car in front of you has moved away. So that is a nice feature that’s based on this as well.

The seats are quite comfortable. The interior is nicely laid out. It has some soft-touch dash here. It has a nice piece of silver trim along the front. HVAC controls in this fairly base model are nicely laid out. You have your heating controls, AC, you have a USB, and two 12-volt power outlets as well. Your shifter, two cup holders, and the old-style handbrake control, which I actually love because when you have an electronic parking brake you can’t do handbrake turns so that is a disadvantage of having an electronic parking brake. Alright, that is the interior. With a nice central speaker and a good sound system, the Kia Forte LXS is one of the nicest trim levels. But you can get a GT line and a GT if you want a little more, a little more performance, and a little more luxury in this vehicle.

Looking at the design on the exterior of the Kia Forte understand that this is not the ugly sedans of the 2000s this is the modern sedan that these millennials are really in love with because everybody’s parents drove CUVs and now you want to be your own individual self. Now the Forte is growing in popularity to be one of the best-selling Kias out there not forgetting that it has that 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty. Starting off, brand new Kia badge at the front, nice pieces of silver accenting that goes all the way, in this check mark from the side, all the way underneath the headlights, and underneath this really nicely shaped grille here that is an air intake. There’s a lower grille at the bottom here, there’s another air intake as well. Now, nice monochromatic colors here in three places, lower bumper, middle bumper, and then the bottom of the hood here as well. Sweeping around the side, there is that plastic air intake there, a nice piece of accent here on the side, a headlight all the way around, indicator as well.

Coming around the side, a nicely shaped dome in the hood. You’ve got 16-inch wheels here with this silver brake caliper as well. You’ve got your mirrors monochromatic color here, black on the bottom. The door handle is the same color as the body there. Monochromatic paint, you’ve got a nice black surround for the windows. You’ve got your B-pillar is black. Your end of your C-pillar here is black. Then the C-pillar color here, monochromatic, monochromatic door. Again, 16-inch wheel at the back.

Coming now to the lights they’re here right at the back of the hips. They’re shaped into the back hip. And coming around the back of the vehicle you’ll see the light goes all the way across a nicely shaped trunk as well. And a reflection of the grille here at the lower portion at the bottom here as well. It really does look nice and it’s not in any way like those ugly sedans of the 1990s and the early 2000s. Kia has given this a very smart look as well. So nice exterior look to the vehicle.

Let’s jump on the inside. This is a true five-seater with three seat belts across the back and there is plenty of legroom at the back here with 35.7 inches of legroom. And I’m sitting behind myself so this is exactly where I would be sitting if I’m driving, and I’ve still got about three inches of leg room for myself. So, plenty of room for me to ride behind myself when taking a road trip.

Like it says on the license plate Dick Hannah Kia is the place to go. You can do three different things to contact us. You can either get on the phone and talk to us that way, get online, or come down and test drive the brand new 2022 Kia Forte. We look forward to helping you put the Kia Forte in your driveway.


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