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Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

You’ve covered thousands of miles of pavement together, but you’re finally ready to break-up with your car. Your decision was wrought with anxiety and we understand that reaching this conclusion was challenging. Consequently, now that you’ve decided, the time to hesitate is over. When selling your car it is much easier to rip off the bandage quickly as opposed to engaging in a torturously slow and painful peel.

Selling your car to a dealership is the equivalent of ripping off the bandage quickly. Overall, the process is exceptionally swift and pain-free. Conversely, attempting to sell your car privately, through Craigslist, classified ads, or other means, is a painful, sloth-like process that allows the sting to linger for weeks, months, or maybe even worse.

Most drivers only consider the idea of selling to a dealership as part of a trade-in transaction. However, you can still sell your car to Dick Hannah even if you have no intention whatsoever to buy a car from us. In fact, if you are selling (but not buying), it is actually much wiser to sell to a dealership. Let’s examine why that statement is true:

Should I sell my car to a dealership?

Selling a Car Privately vs Selling to a Dealership

Time is Money. Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t spend it toiling away for countless hours by placing classified ads, responding to hundreds of emails, and meeting with an endless string of flaky “buyers”. Additionally, if you drive a hard bargain, your car might not sell for several months, so buckle up for the bumpy ride. Is this really how you want to spend your free time? We didn’t think so.

Convenience. Selling a car privately can become an enormous ongoing chore. There are a number of things you need to do before you can sell your car. Now imagine completing that chore nearly instantaneously and in one location close to home. There is no time or money wasted with ad placements; no endless series of phone calls or emails to trifle with; no fighting traffic all over Portland and Vancouver for awkward in-person meet-ups. Why bother with that? Walk-in, walk-out. We have one location with one set of paperwork for you to sign – then you’re done. Now that is convenient!

Fast Money. A dollar bill in hand is better than two in the bush. Sell your car today and leave with a handful of cash. It’s really that simple. Whereas attempting to navigate a sale through private methods can delay your payday for months, there is never a delay at Dick Hannah. We always have a stack of cash for you to stash.

Sell or trade in my car

Selling to Dealership – the Smart Choice

If time, money, and convenience were not enough, there is also the added comfort of knowing that Dick Hannah Honda pays market competitive pricing for every vehicle that you sell. Of course, it is certainly possible that you could squeeze a few more dollars out of a private buyer than from our own trustworthy selves, but it’s also possible that you won’t – and the difference is almost always negligible. When you factor in the time, energy, hassle, and money spent on ads from which Dick Hannah rescues you, we are pretty confident that we win this category in the end as well.

Contact Dick Hannah today – we are happy to begin the appraisal process immediately so you can finally say “good riddance”. Or, conversely, you could begin diving headfirst into the outrageously fun process of buying ad space for yourself. In that case, we say “good luck!”

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