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Mighty Pacific Receives the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year Award

Mighty Pacific Group

Dick Hannah Dealerships’ Auto Parts Distributor, Mighty Pacific, has won the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year Award from Mighty Auto Parts. Gary Schuler, Corey Akins, Reuben Wagner and Dave Blair from Mighty Pacific were recognized at Mighty Auto Parts’ 2016 National Sales Meeting in Coronado, California for leading their franchise to an outstanding performance last year. This was Might Pacific’s 3rd nomination in their first 5 years of existence, something that has never happened in Mighty of America’s 53-year history.

Mighty Auto Parts is an auto parts distributor with 119 franchises in the United States that serve auto dealers, quick lubes, independent service repair shops, and more across the country. Mighty Pacific is the local Mighty Auto Parts franchise owned by Vice Presidents’ of Dick Hannah Dealerships, Jason and Jennifer Hannah, and based out of Vancouver, Washington.

“Congratulations to you and your Mighty Pacific team for winning the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year
Award. Our slate of five Franchise of the Year nominees from Mighty’s universe of over 100 franchises
was extremely strong this year, so this Award is particularly noteworthy. Mighty enjoyed its third
successive record sales year in 2015. Mighty Pacific’s results were spectacular with a 27.64% sales
increase. In addition, the Mighty Pacific team set a sterling example of successful Mighty franchise
integration into a car dealership operation, , the highly respected Hannah Motor Company.
All of us at Mighty are proud of our association with you and are thrilled that Mighty Pacific has earned this important recognition,” Ken Voekler, President and CEO of Mighty Auto Parts.

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