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Trade-In Your Vehicle

Drastically reduce the cost of your next car by trading-in your current vehicle to a locally-owned Dick Hannah dealership. The advantages of trading-in your vehicle are numerous, including:

1) Convenience
  • You will incur no expenses while preparing your vehicle to trade. Also, you will not waste your valuable time buying sales ads, meeting with strangers, arranging test drives and managing potential legal issues involved with the transfer of vehicle ownership.
2) Tax Advantages
  • You only have to pay sales tax on the price difference between the value of the vehicle you purchase and the value of the car you trade! See our FAQ for more information on our sales tax advantages.
3) We Accept All Makes & Models
  • Dick Hannah dealerships has multiple outlets for cars that average citizens are unable to access. This allows us to quickly accept trades regardless of age, mileage or condition.

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