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How Does the Appraisal Process Work?

Other dealers and online estimators can supply you with general used car values, but our specially trained appraisers take into consideration your car's specific condition. And while online estimates may only provide you with a ballpark figure from market data, we'll actually buy your car after it's appraised.

Our car appraisers put your car through a detailed process, ensuring you get a fair and honest offer. The process in determining your offer includes a physical inspection of your car. Since every car is different, our appraisers focus on:

  • The year, mileage, make and model of your car
  • Interior/exterior conditions
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Structural damage
  • A test drive for mechanical issues
  • Your car's history report for possible flood or frame damage and any accidents

Using multiple sources of data, appraisers also check general factors that affect any car of similar make and model. Your car is compared against current and accurate market conditions such as national sales trends and auction data.

Once our appraisers analyze the information, we'll give you a free written offer good for seven days. Our FAQ section can help answer any questions you have before your visit.

About our Appraisers

The average Dick Hannah appraiser has been evaluating cars for over five years and appraises thousands of cars each year. As the largest buyer of used cars, each Dick Hannah appraiser completes a thorough, rigorous training program before his or her first car appraisal. In addition, our appraisers attend wholesale auctions to stay informed of current market conditions. This allows them to analyze all the information needed to make you a fair and honest offer for your car.

Sales Tax Savings

Oregon residents do not pay sales tax on any purchase or trade with Dick Hannah Dealerships - even for transactions occurring in Washington state. However, Dick Hannah can also help Washington residents eliminate sales tax expenses.

Washington residents only pay sales tax on the DIFFERENCE between the price of the new vehicle being purchased and the price of the vehicle being traded-in. This allows Washington residents save hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars when buying their new vehicle.

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