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Hybrid cars utilize a dual functioning electric and gas powered engine to dramatically reduce traditional fuel output. Hybrid cars generally operate using electrical power as a priority and resort to gasoline only when electricity is low.

Hybrid cars are an excellent choice for daily commuters and for those who may occasionally drive long distances requiring gasoline.

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The unique compression-ignition engine of a diesel car approaches the fuel efficiency of a hybrid car while still maintaining a traditional driving experience. Diesel cars are less prone to wear than traditional spark-ignition gasoline powered engines and provide more torque at low speeds.

Diesel cars are perfect for drivers who desire superior gas mileage and a traditional driving experience.

Portland Flex Fuel Car Dealership | Flex Fuel Cars for Sale

Flex fuel cars are capable of running on traditional gasoline as well as up to 85% ethanol (E85). Ethanol burns cleaner than traditional gasoline and originates from corn and/or sugar cane – thus reducing its environmental impact. Flex fuel cars have been produced since the 1980s.

A flex fuel car is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious driver.

Fuel Efficient Car Dealership | Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale

Fuel efficient cars come in a variety of package including electric cars, hybrid cars, diesel cars, flex fuel cars and any other vehicle that exceeds 30 miles per gallon plateau. Fuel efficient cars are great for your wallet as well as the environment.

Buying a fuel efficient car is a financially intelligent choice for any a driver. Browse our selection of all fuel efficient vehicles – all types included.

Hybrid Cars & Fuel Efficient Cars

Go green – save green! Dick Hannah Dealerships carries a wide variety of earth-friendly and wallet-friendly fuel efficient, high mileage hybrid cars in Portland and Vancouver WA. As the leading dealer of fuel efficient cars and hybrid cars in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington region we know value when we see it. Call us today to schedule a test drive with the premier Portland hybrid car dealership or view our current hybrid car specials.

Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale

In addition to hybrid cars, Dick Hannah Dealerships also has a diverse selection of other fuel efficient and high mileage cars for sale in Portland and Vancouver. Our high mpg options include diesel cars, flex fuel cars, cars that exceed 35 mpg, hybrid cars and electric cars – essentially everything that is fuel-efficient! Our inventory of high mpg vehicles is unmatched in the Portland region, so call us today to learn how you can save.

Used Hybrid Cars for Sale

Not only can you buy new hybrid cars in Portland, Vancouver, and Longview, but Dick Hannah Dealerships has a sizable inventory of used hybrid cars for sale. Whether you’re looking for a compact gas-saving super hero or a fuel-conscious luxury sedan we can help you get the used hybrid car that’s right for you. We stock Toyota hybrids, Kia hybrids, Lexus hybrids, Hyundai hybrids, Nissan hybrids and many more.

We get most of our pre-owned hybrid cars and other used inventory from local deals with people in the Portland community. We take in many one-owner hybrid cars and perform the next due service within 2000 miles as well as a thorough inspection before putting them up for sale in Portland and Vancouver.

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At Dick Hannah Dealerships we’re confident that we’ll have the

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