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Our Financing Partners

Dick Hannah Dealerships works with dozens of local and national banks to ensure that your purchase runs as smoothly as possible. Our financing partners in the states of Washington and Oregon include:

  • Advantis CU
  • Americredit
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase Auto Finance
  • Chase Custom Sub Prime
  • Columbia CU
  • Consumer Portfolio Services
  • Drive Financial
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Franklin Capital
  • Gateway One Financial Services
  • HAPO Community CU
  • IQ CU
  • Lighthouse Acceptance
  • OnPoint CU
  • Oregon Community CU
  • OSU Federal CU
  • Santander Auto Finance
  • TD Auto Finance
  • United Finance
  • Unitus CU
  • Wells Fargo
  • Westlake Financial
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