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Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Ram 3500

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Ram 3500. Nik takes us on a test drive and tells us about all the newest upgrades, how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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I’m Nik Miles for Dick Hannah Ram Truck Center in Vancouver to show you the 2022 Ram 3500. This is the big boy in the Ram family and the Laramie version we’re going to show you today is all dolled up to be very luxurious for this year. This vehicle has a large 12-inch screen on the inside. We’re going to show you the exterior, how it’s been freshened up for 2022, the interior, how it’s been luxuried up, and how much this big baby will pull and haul. Let’s get it on the road and show you how much of a workhorse this vehicle is.

So first of all, the Cummins diesel engine in this vehicle is just ultra-powerful. But it’s not hard to drive and most of the guys and gals who already drive 3500 will know that Ram has made this vehicle not only simple to drive but simple to tow with as well. And they’ve equipped it with all of the necessary pieces of equipment to tow, to 4×4, and to haul equipment. So, it’s already out of the factory well equipped.

Now the field of view is excellent in this vehicle and of course for 2022 it gets the new Uconnect 5 system with a large 12-inch screen. That of course gives you a 360-degree camera. Again, this vehicle has that strength and that horsepower to tow. Now the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine gives you the ability to haul a lot of weight and to put stuff in the bed as well. This is going to be a work course for a lot of people.

At the same time, in the cab, this vehicle has been equipped to do the job of hauling the family and workmates at the same time. Leather material on the inside, double stitching, nice piano black surrounded by aluminum trim, at the same time multiple materials. If you look at door panels, it’s the same. It has that nice double stitching style material on the inside and also soft touch. All of the controls are at your fingertips. Electronic control steering wheel controls at the same time, with that thin TFT screen on the inside so you can actually scroll through your different materials. And again, HVAC controls and everything is controllable right from the screen in the center console. And of course, the latest infotainment, USB ports A and C down the bottom. And of course, you have everything that you need including your towing and hauling buttons, your rear parking sensors, your front parking sensors, and then of course your exhaust brake which you may need to use under certain circumstances as well.

Now just because this is a big truck doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t have all the latest infotainment and modern conveniences. Android Auto, Alexa, and device manager are available in the vehicle so you can hook your phone or Alexa to the vehicle and use that as well. Listen to your books on tape or use basic Alexa applications while you’re driving. So again, not just a vehicle for work but also for the whole family on their weekend adventure. A lot of people use this for their hauling of things like Ski-Doos or snowmobiles in the winter or camping on their summer adventure to tow the fifth wheel or the trailer as you might go up into the mountains to do some overlanding.

Now you have multiple views here at the back, and you can change those views as you need from front to back as you might be backing up a trailer, and the trailer actually shows you the bed as well. And you can change that view from looking at what’s in the bed to what’s behind the bed or you can change the view to looking at each side. Now, this view is extremely useful to look to the left and the right of the vehicle so you can see if the trailer is swaying at any time as you’re towing or if there’s something on each side of the trailer. Again, you can also change these views to look around the vehicle 360 degrees around the vehicle look at the left, look at the right again the back of the vehicle, what’s in the bed. Auxiliary cameras which you can fit there so if you need a camera inside the trailer, for instance, you’re carrying horses which might be the most valuable portion of your cargo you can look at those and then you can also look at what’s happening perhaps on a sway trailer to see if your trailer is swaying as you go through a mountain pass or something. So extremely useful camera views all around the vehicle and that’s one of the things that makes the 3500 one of the best towing vehicles on the planet, especially being able to fit an auxiliary camera inside a trailer and see that your cargo which might be worth thousands and thousands of dollars even hundreds of thousands of dollars to see that it’s safe as you’re going along the highway.

Looking at the outside of the 3500 this vehicle of course has the standard Ram grille, but this is exclusive to the sport version. This vehicle of course nice and chrome on the front end, seven bars, the big Ram logo that goes from side to side, and of course the lower air intake here. Tow hooks, and then the sensors because of course a big truck. Notice on the roof as well, clearance lights here, large domed hood, and then you get to the side, there it is the 3500 heavy-duty truck from Ram as well.

Silver wheels on the side, nice monochromatic wheel arches here, and you get to the side, large mirrors to make sure that they’re compliant with towing. Silver and of course back cladding on the back with signals at the top as well here. Monochromatic door handles, silver Ram logo on the door, black B-pillars here, and of course, it goes to white here at the back of the cab. Monochromatic again all the way down the side, nice white truck cladding at the top of the bed to make sure it doesn’t get damaged and is solid all the way down the back, the sport logo, and of course when you get to the back of the bed Laramie written across the back, nice shiny Ram badge here, the backup camera, and damper tailgate, very important when you open the back.

In the back here there is a big power complex in the back here with multiple outlets as well. Now I mentioned at the beginning of this review this was an American workhorse and it is when you talk about over 37,000 pounds of towing. That is a lot of towing this vehicle can do and over 7,600 pounds of payload. Now that’s all dependent on what equipment you have on this vehicle and how you have it equipped with other stuff like engine size and extras. So, when you look at that that is an absolute outstanding amount of towing and payload for the class.

Quite comfortable back here. Over 43 inches of legroom as I see it in these nice leather seats at the back. There’s also plenty of power outlets, two USB-C’s, two USB-A’s, also a 115-volt which is a 400-watt power plug, room for three people. But there’s also a center fold-down armrest that has two cup holders as well, map pockets, you get speakers in the roof, and a rear glass piece that slides so you can actually use that to get a bit of fresh air here in the back as well. So, plenty of room and also some nice features to keep your workmates or your family comfortable for that long ride to work or to play.

Now if the Ram 3500, the big workhorse, is something that you want at your workplace or in your driveway the Dick Hannah Ram Truck Center in Vancouver would love to have you come down and test drive one. They’d love to put one in your driveway or in your workplace. Please give them a call and come down and see if one is available for you to take home today.

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