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Test Drive with Nik Miles – 2022 Hyundai Tucson

Join Nik Miles as he goes over the ins and outs of the new 2022 Hyundai Tucson. Nik takes us on a test drive and tells us about all the newest upgrades, how the car feels while driving, and gives us an honest review of the vehicle.

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Hi, I’m Nik Miles at Dick Hannah Hyundai of Portland. Now I want to show you this, the 2022 Hyundai Tucson. This vehicle got bigger, more room on the inside, it also got more cargo space, and now the full family adventure is available in all-wheel drive. This vehicle gets four different types of engines. You can have a Hyundai with a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, a turbo, or a 1.6. And this vehicle is ready to go on the road, so let’s do it.

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So much has improved with the Tucson over the years. I remember that my parents had one of these when they first came to the United States, and it was a very different drive. It’s now tight, it’s now precise, and it’s now extremely easy to maneuver around the streets. The great thing about the new Tucson is that it comes in so many different powertrains, and we include in those powertrains the hybrid, the 1.6, the 2.5, and the turbo, and now the plug-in hybrid which is on its way. So, choices are everything and you don’t have to sacrifice the idea of all-wheel drive and an adventure vehicle because you can still get all-wheel drive in all of those powertrains. Now when it comes to acceleration you still get driving modes, you still get all of the extras, like Hill Descent Control, and those type of things with the vehicle and your different drive modes in everything, and even with their all-wheel-drive system now Hyundai have perfected that knowing that they now have a truck on the market as well. So very precise, very good, driving dynamics in all of their vehicles.

Let’s talk about acceleration, you just put your foot down and this is no slouch. This vehicle does extremely well with acceleration. The cabin, because of the improvement with materials over the last few years, has become really spacious and well designed, great flowing lines. Because materials have become more compacted, they’ve managed to get so much more space out of the interior of this vehicle. It’s now starting to feel very spacious on the inside, lots of sort of feeling of openness on the inside. You just look around at the screen and how everything is laid out. It has now the option of interior lighting with 64 different colors and 10 degrees of lighting on the inside, as well. Multi-air vents on the inside just look nice depending on what grade of interior that you get, what grade vehicle that you can get, you can get lots of different materials.

The front passengers can get this sort of interesting air diffusion, much more like an airplane. The air is diffused all around you rather than this sort of nasty sort of jet that blows onto your face. So, they’ve thought about how you experience being in the car rather than just oh we’ve got to supply somebody with air conditioning.

Let’s talk about tech. Of course, you get your usual, your Apple CarPlay, your Android Auto. You also get a new 10.25-inch screen that looks really nice. They’ve sort of built it in to the HVAC system. It’s flat on the center stack. It looks like it belongs as part of the build for the vehicle, did a good job of integrating it into the vehicle, and nice and flat and smooth. If you look at the hard buttons they look as though they’re part of the whole construction of the car and not like they were an afterthought which I always think is nasty in some of the vehicles.

We talk about safety, there is a lot of standard features; standard Forward Collision Warning and with automatic braking, and then if you want more options there is a huge list of options. And of course, Hyundai is always providing more and more features and more and more options in their vehicles and when you get in a Hyundai you know it’s there, you’ve seen it from the super bowl commercials, it’s good to know that safety is one of their big big main features in all of their vehicles.

All right, the design elements up front of the new Tucson are very obvious for 2022. The daytime running lights embedded inside the grille. Now Hyundai do a lot with their lighting, and this is the first time that they embedded their daytime running lights inside the grille. When they’re off you can’t actually see them, when they’re on they’re pretty obvious in this vehicle. Very muscular, a long hood, lots of shape to this vehicle. When it’s standing still it still looks big and beefy. Heading around the side that big and beefy absolutely continues in this vehicle. There’s excellently shaped wheels and Hyundai always do a good job with the wheels. But look at the body lines on the exterior of this vehicle. You want to see some big beefy vehicle? Well, this is absolutely perfect, it’s shaped so beautifully, I always tell people go look at the Lamborghini Urus. This vehicle looks like a two hundred-thousand-dollar super SUV. Look at that long sweeping roofline, look at the side body lines of this vehicle. It is absolutely exquisite. This vehicle looks very muscular, and it looks like it’s ready for adventure. Follow the body lines down the side of this vehicle, very angular, lots of beautiful lines. And then we come to the back, look at these taillights, they have the same reflection as the daytime running lights up front and then the lights all the way across the back of the vehicle, and the Hyundai logo actually takes a piece of the back, and of course the wiper up here in the inside of this arrow spoiler up top. Very beautifully designed at the back of the vehicle.

Now for this generation in 2022 there is an increase of 7.7 cubic feet of space in the back of this vehicle. Now during customer clinics, the one thing that Tucson owners said is they wanted more room in their Tucson. Hyundai listened and they’ve given that space to those customers. It now has over 38 cubic feet of space in the back and these clever little handles on the inside allow you to tip the seats with a 60/40 split forward and get even more space for your family gear or that trip to the hardware store on the weekend.

In the back seat, there is a fold and tip version of these seats so it’s very convenient to get the seats away and there’s also a reclining feature so for long journeys you can lay back and relax. Two USBs and of course 108 cubic feet all around of passenger space which is increased by about seven cubic feet over the last generation of the vehicle. Now, you carry on doing what you’re doing, I’m going to relax for a while.

Now, this is a Hyundai which means it comes with a 10-year 100 000-mile warranty and Hyundai has just introduced a three-year complimentary maintenance program and a five-year roadside assistance program.

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