Solo Test Drive at Dick Hannah Dealerships | Social Distancing Measures

Your Solo Test Drive

What Does Solo Test Drive Mean?

White Volkswagen Jetta Test Drive


When many people think of testing driving a car, you may picture yourself with a sales specialist making the drive around town; but now you we have offered solo test drives. With the rise of COVID-19 and social distancing norms, Dick Hannah Dealerships is now offering solo test drives to help you in your search for a new car. Here we’ll provide you with a basic outline of the procedures you can expect when visiting one of our dealerships for a test drive.

The Test Drive

You’ve visited our website, you’ve found the new or used car that you are interested in and you want to see how it drives. Upon arriving at the dealership, our sales specialists will have the car ready and available for you. At this point, the car has already gone through our sanitization process, which is where our team sanitizes the interior of the vehicle for optimal cleanliness before you get behind the wheel. After you’ve had a chance to drive the car, we take it back for another round of cleaning and sanitization.

Sanitize after test drive

Many car shoppers are interested in driving more than a single model, here at Dick Hannah Dealerships we are here to help find the car that is right for you. Please talk to one of our sales specialists to have the cars arranged to be ready to drive at any of our locations.

An important note about this process is that you are not limited to test driving one car. If you have multiple cars you are interested in, we go through the same process as outlined above for each car you are wanting to drive.

Can I  Test Drive Used Cars Alone?

Dick Hannah Dealerships provides solo test drives for used cars as well. To make it easier for you, Dick Hannah Dealerships will transfer any pre-owned car from any of our dealerships to the Dick Hannah location of your choice. This saves our customers a lot of time as they shop for a used car.

Test Drive Preparation

Solo Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Alone

Have friends or family with you when you go to see the car you are wanting to test drive? Or maybe the kids are with you? They can go along for the ride as well. You don’t necessarily have to be the only person in the car, your sales specialist will be waiting at the dealership while you are taking it for a test drive, but you are more than welcome to have anyone you would like in the car with you.

When and Where

You can take your test drive at any of our locations 7 days a week during all hours the dealership is open, whatever time works best for you we’ll make sure to have the car(s) ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

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