Compare Service Xpress w/ Quick Lube Establishments | Dick Hannah Service Xpress Advantages over quick lube joints

How Do We Compare to Quick Lube?

Compare Service Xpress to Jiffy Lube Service Xpress is a no-appointment-necessary, drive-in and drive-out oil change and multi-point inspection service that is superior to quick lube establishments.

Why choose Dick Hannah Service Xpress over a quick lube? The reasons are obvious and backed by countless positive testimonials, including the following:

OEM-Certified Technicians

Unlike quick lube joints our Service Xpress oil change and multi-point inspection is expertly performed by OEM-certified auto tech professionals who specialize very specifically in your brand of vehicle. Our technicians are highly experienced, professionally certified and equipped directly by the OEM with the correct tools required for your exact vehicle. Also, our technicians have made the auto service industry their career path of choice and therefore treat their jobs with the corresponding level of integrity you would expect from a professional.

No Aggressive Up-Selling

A primary benefit of Service Xpress at Dick Hannah is that we do not promote aggressive up-selling tactics that are common to quick lube establishments. The primary source of income at Dick Hannah Dealerships will always be selling and servicing cars. Therefore it is not essential for us to aggressively push repairs that are not a necessity – a common complaint of quick lube establishments. However, if our team of technicians does spot an irregularity during the inspection process we will bring that irregularity to your attention. If you wish to repair/replace the irregularity, we have a full-service mechanical shop at our disposal – unlike quick lube businesses which can only refer you to us.

‘Nice’ Customer Lounge

Quick lube joints are notorious for their sparse waiting rooms that are considerably cold, cramped, noisy and uncomfortable. You deserve better. The Dick Hannah customer lounge is a refuge. We offer warm, quiet and comfortable quarters equipped with cozy chairs as well as free Wifi, cable tv, coffee, snacks and magazines.

Complimentary Car Wash

Every guest utilizing Service Xpress receives a complimentary car wash. Why spend $10 when Dick Hannah will wash your car for free?

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