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Dick Hannah Dealerships Exhaust & Emission Service

Dick Hannah provides premium muffler repair services and is a leading provider of new mufflers and replacement mufflers in the area. Have you inspected your car’s muffler this year? If not, it’s possible that your car is running too noisy or violating exhaust & emissions protocol. The good news is that we can do this for you!

Our factory-certified muffler repair team can fix or replace your muffler – thus ensuring that your ride is smooth, quiet and street legal. A proper functioning muffler also allows for back pressure for your engine and therefore keeps your vehicle operating at an optimum level of performance.

Portland Exhaust & Emissions Services

Whether you need a new muffler, muffler service, muffler replacements or service related to your exhaust or emissions – Dick Hannah Dealerships has you covered. Our exhaust and emissions service experts have served the local Portland and Vancouver community since 1949 and we proudly boast a positive reputation that attracts customers throughout SW Washington and the Willamette Valley. Our exhaust, emissions and muffler service includes:

  • Removal of the used muffler
  • Cleaning of the mating services
  • Attachment of a new muffler (including bolts, nuts and gaskets)
  • Hanging of a new muffler with exhaust hangers

Thanks again for visiting the Dick Hannah Dealerships service center in Vancouver WA for your exhaust, emission and muffler services. We look forward to doing business with you!

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