Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

You’ve covered thousands of miles of pavement together, but you’re finally ready to break-up with your car. Your decision was wrought with anxiety and we understand that reaching this conclusion was challenging. Consequently, now that you’ve decided, the time to hesitate is over. When selling your car it is much easier to rip off the band aid quickly as opposed to engaging in a torturously slow and painful peel.

Selling your car to a dealership is the equivalent of ripping off the band aid quickly. Overall, the process is exceptionally swift and pain-free. Conversely, attempting to sell your car privately, through Craigslist, classified ads, or other means, is a painful, sloth-like process that allows the sting to linger for weeks, months, or maybe even worse.

Most drivers only consider the idea of selling to a dealership as part of a trade-in transaction. However, you can still sell your car to Dick Hannah even if you have no intent whatsoever to buy a car from us. In fact, if you are selling (but not buying), it is actually much wiser to sell to a dealership. Let’s examine why that statement is true:

Should I sell my car to a dealership?

Selling a Car Privately vs Selling to a Dealership

Time is Money. Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t spend it toiling away for countless hours by placing classified ads, responding to hundreds of emails, and meeting with an endless string of flaky “buyers”. Additionally, if you drive a hard bargain, your car might not sell for several months, so buckle up for the bumpy ride. Is this really how you want to spend your free-time? We didn’t think so.

Convenience. Selling a car privately can become an enormous, ongoing chore. Now imagine completing that chore nearly instantaneously and in one location close to home. There is no time or money wasted with ad placements; no endless series of phone calls or emails to trifle with; no fighting traffic all over Portland and Vancouver for awkward in-person meet-ups. Start your appraisal online. We have one location with one set of paperwork for you to sign – then you’re done. Now that is convenient!

Fast Money. A dollar bill in hand is better than two in the bush. Sell your car today and leave with a handful of cash. It’s really that simple. Whereas attempting to navigate a sale through private methods can delay your payday for months, there is never a delay at Dick Hannah. We always have a stack of cash for you to stash.

Sell or trade in my car

Selling to Dealership – the Smart Choice

If time, money, and convenience were not enough, there is also the additional comfort of knowing that Dick Hannah Dealerships pays market competitive pricing for every vehicle that we buy. Of course, it is certainly possible that you could squeeze a few more dollars out of a private buyer, but it’s also possible that you won’t – and the difference is almost always negligible. When you factor in the time, energy, hassle, and money spent on ads for listing your car, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the offer from Dick Hannah Dealerships.

Contact Dick Hannah today – we are happy to begin the appraisal process immediately so you can finally say “good riddance”. Or, conversely, you could begin diving headfirst into the outrageously fun process of buying ad space for yourself. In that case, we say “good luck!”

New Collision Center Coming February 2018

I am very pleased to finally and officially announce that construction on the new Collision Center will begin this summer with completion expected to be in February of 2018. The new facility will be located at 13203 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, next to Rick’s Fencing (currently under construction) and is just over three miles east of the Auto Mall.

At nearly 75,000 square feet, it is more than three times the size of our current facility.

The new facility will be a major improvement in the customer experience including two large lounge areas, enclosed vehicle write-up and delivery drives, large estimator workstations, and on-site rentals.

For our employees, shop and tech productivity should also see major gains with all the additional space, improved shop flow, on-site mechanical service and a facility fully equipped with the latest and greatest equipment available.

Yes, it won’t be quite as convenient as the current Auto Mall location, but it’s worth it to create the badly needed elbow room and additional capacity to serve our customers.

There are no words to express how excited I am that this amazing new Collision Center is coming to fruition. The added space, increased capacity and first-class environment will propel Dick Hannah to the next level in collision repair. 

—Rick Stoker
DH Collision Centers Director

Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

SUV: When You Need Style and Substance

Minivans and SUVs mean one thing: passenger room. You’re looking for the best option for hauling people and their stuff. Both SUVs and minivans offer amazing passenger options, so which is best for you?

when you need a suvSUV Inventory

SUV: When You Need Style and Substance

One of the best things about the SUV market is the diversity in it. You can find everything from a crossover SUV (think your mom’s station wagon upgraded for the 21st century, sometimes with a luxury spin) to a midsize (these are the SUVs you probably picture: four doors, three rows, a spacious cargo area beneath a hatchback) to the massive full-size (these are the Expedition/Suburban/Yukons that are a force to be reckoned with on the road). You’ll even find hybrids cropping up in some models! Within these types of SUVs, you can also find a wealth of designs and body styles that fit your personal style-and you can seriously upscale those styles as well. Celebrities and politicians choose SUVs for a reason. If you want a tricked out vehicle with massive passenger room, an SUV is the right choice.

SUVs are not covered trucks-they are more like cars and vans than trucks. With a unibody design that’s been sized up to create the SUV we know and love, that means you’ll get better fuel economy than a standard truck but you don’t get the same cargo space or options. SUVs are also a wise choice for people who face inclement weather and road conditions that all-wheel or four-wheel drive can handle with ease or who may find a need to tow a large toy every once in a while. With larger wheels, they also offer better access in all-terrain situations. While they offer lots of passenger space, because the doors open only as wide as a standard car, they aren’t always easy to climb in and out of and the third row can sometimes be difficult to access.

SUVs can be pricy, but with them you get options and designs that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

when you need a minivanMinivan Inventory

Minivan: When You Need Practicality and Ease

A minivan is the glorious answer to a lot of problems, from comfortable passenger room to ease of entry to cargo space. Minivans are the best value for the money for both passenger space and fuel economy, offering incredible interior space and comfort in three rows of seating. Most vans offer captain’s seating in the second row, which does a couple of things. First, it makes the 3rd row of seating easily accessible, something an SUV struggles with. Second, it offers the comfort of the front seat in the back, making daily trips around town or long vacation travel equally comfortable. If you’re a parent, there’s an additional benefit: captain’s seating means sibling hands are farther away from each other, dialing down the potential for fights.

One of the major perks of the minivan is the automatic doors. Automatic sliding doors, often on both sides, make it a cinch for passengers to get in and out-the wide opening allows much better access than SUVs and also virtually eliminates potential damage to other cars as the doors open. Even when you’re parked in a tight spot, passengers can get in and out with relative ease. These doors, along with the automatic back hatch that often comes standard with minivans, also make cargo loading so much easier. You may be surprised, but minivans offer more flexible cargo room than SUVs. It’s not a truck, so it’s probably not appropriate to throw washers and dryers in the back, but with stow-and-go or hidden third row storage options, the minivan can actually double its storage (or triple, if you stow or remove the first row of seats as well). Toyota offers a minivan with all wheel drive which is very attractive for people living in snow or along dirt roads.

What minivans don’t have is style. You don’t buy a minivan to look cool, though there are some attractive models with quite a few features, including DVD player systems with multiple screens. Most minivans basically look the same and cost the same, with a few variations, so the differences come down to options and safety features. When you buy a minivan, you’ve buying practicality and ease. There’s a reason that many moms choose minivans-they are the smartest budget choice and provide the most practical answers to the problems that stem from carting around kids and pets and people and stuff.

Minivan vs SUV vs Truck – which should I buy?

Minivan vs SUV vs Truck – which should I buy?

What vehicle is right for you: an SUV, a truck, or a minivan? Each offers a unique set of benefits to its owner, from cargo ruggedness to spacious passenger room, and with options that are nearly comparable in price, it can be a tough decision.

when you need a suvSUV Inventory


Though it may surprise you, an SUV has more in common with cars and minivans than with trucks. The vast majority of Sport Utility Vehicles have a unibody car design that has been upsized into an SUV package-great for style, passenger room, and fuel efficiency (depending on the model), but not necessarily dirty cargo or pulling power. SUV’s often have an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive option, which makes them a good choice for people frequently driving through dirt, mud or who drive in snowy weather. They are also better at towing than vans, but aren’t as good as trucks for that purpose.

By far, SUVs are the most versatile option, ranging from crossover, which drive nimbly like your average sedan, to large, which can easily carry a soccer team and their gear without anyone complaining about being cramped. The adaptability of the SUV makes it incredibly attractive to most buyers-you can find what you need in this class of vehicle without sacrificing cargo space or passenger room.

when you need a truckTruck Inventory


Trucks are made to haul cargo of all kinds, either in the large open bed or on a tow hitch, but they’re not limited to those purposes. Modern trucks actually drive more like cars than you’d think and often have a four door, back seat option that will seat five to six passengers comfortably. Yes, they are not as efficient as a midsized sedan, but they are not far from SUVs and vans in fuel efficiency and with fuel as reasonably priced as it is, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. The main benefit of a truck is that it can haul cargo with ease, whether it’s that couch you bought at the yard sale, the ski boat of your dreams, or the 10,000 lb tractor from the family farm. Because the truck bed is separate (as opposed to the unibody design of sedans and SUV’s), you can put extra pressure on it without damaging the entire body of the vehicle. You also can haul all manner of messy loads with easy cleanup-a quick rinse and the bed is good to go again. Try that in a van and you’ll need a carpet cleaner and a lot of patience.

Trucks do have limitations, however. They are high off the ground, which is great for extra clearance when driving off road but may be challenging for small children or older folks to handle. The price can be less than some SUVs, but there are no third-row options so you are limited in the number of passengers you can carry and in the interior storage options. Trucks can also be difficult to navigate in busy cities or when you go down town. Many cities and parking lots have tight corners and parking spaces that seem to be designed by compact car drivers.

when you need a minivanMinivan Inventory


Minivans have gotten the reputation of being the nerds of the vehicle world: reliable and nice but with virtually no style. The reality is that a minivan is the best value for the passenger/cargo room and fuel economy. If you’re looking for an easy way to transport people and their stuff with the minimum annoyance factor possible, a minivan is the right choice. Automatic sliding doors (and in some cases automatic back hatch) open with the push of a button from inside or outside the vehicle, minimizing the potential damage to other vehicles and maximizing movement into the three rows of room. Most minivans will seat at least seven people comfortably, with captain’s chairs in the middle row to make access to the third row easier than it is in an SUV.

Minivans drive like a car, but have added height. It gives the appeal of SUVs and trucks without the extra length. Even with all of this passenger room, the cargo space is pretty substantial as well. Many minivans offer an option to hide the third row for additional cargo space. It’s not a truck, but it’s a substantial amount of room that’s protected from the elements. It’s not ideal for hauling heavy or large objects, because if they shift they may move forward into the seating area, but it’s good for big trips to Costco or other run-of-the-mill household duties. Honestly, nobody drives a minivan in a rap video, so choosing this is not about style-it’s about sensibility.

Truck vs. Minivan: Which Family Vehicle Should You Choose?

Truck: A Rugged, Adaptable Family Vehicle

Trucks and minivans may seem like apples and oranges, but they both can make great family vehicles. They offer answers to some of the challenges of a busy life, including room for hauling both passengers and cargo safely. So which one will work best for you?

when you need a truckTruck Inventory

Truck: A Rugged, Adaptable Family Vehicle

You may not have considered a truck to be a legitimate family vehicle, but it’s true-a truck can make family life much easier because of its ability to tackle multiple problems. Most truck models have four door options, making a truck a perfectly safe, comfortable way for five passengers to ride. Though there’s no third row option to invite friends along for the ride, there is plenty of room for cargo. An open truck bed is an adaptable option that can handle anything from muddy soccer shoes to a wet kayak to a pile of branches and leaves without any problems. Boy Scout camping trip? You’re ready! Not to mention all of those times you or a friend need help moving something big and heavy. Wait, is that an up-side or a down-side to owning a truck? Smaller cargo may need to be contained in a truck box or cargo net, but a most truck owners find that a stash of bungee cords can restrain smaller items from rolling around the bed. For the most part, the capacity of a truck bed to handle anything from small grocery runs to major purchases like a washer and a dryer can ease any family’s mind. You never realize how often you “need” a truck until you’ve had one, then you have to go without.

As a family vehicle, a truck does have some potential drawbacks. For one, it’s really high off of the ground for little kids to climb in and out. You can purchase stepboards which helps, but it’s still a reach for young kids. That height is also a challenge for the “aging” crowd. Another drawback with a truck is vulnerability to weather. Unexpected rain and snow can be really inconvenient when you didn’t cover the bed before your road trip.

A truck is an underappreciated family vehicle, and can be a great option in the right circumstances. If you love the outdoors, kayaking, camping, or atv’s; if you have horses and rodeo every other weekend; if you just like the idea of being completely self sufficient and never having to ask for help, then a truck might be the family vehicle for you.

when you need a minivanMinivan Inventory

Minivan: A Busy, Practical Family Vehicle

A minivan, like a truck, isn’t known for the wide variety of styles. Minivans pretty much look the same no matter the make and model, with small variations. What a minivan does is offer the most bang for your buck in terms of space and fuel economy. The interior space of a minivan can far exceed the interior space of large SUVs, which makes them a fantastic option if you’re looking for a combination of passenger comfort and cargo options. Minivans offer three rows of comfortable seating, either with two rows of benches or, as is more common, a row of captain’s chairs and a 60/40 split bench seat. This combination makes for very easy accessibility-it’s easy for passengers to get in and out and, for families, it’s easy for parents to get to kids regardless of where they are seated, especially because of the automatic sliding doors. Without having to worry about the clearance of an open door, cargo and passengers can be loaded easily even in tight spaces. When one row is collapsed, the cargo space is impressive.

Minivans are great on the go, but they do have some drawbacks. They drive like a car and don’t have the power to tow, so any toys you might have will need to be towed by another vehicle. The same is true of all-wheel or four-wheel drive-minivans simply aren’t constructed with these options. While there’s plenty of cargo space in the interior of a minivan, most of that comes when seats are collapsed and stored or removed, which makes it challenging to travel with family and cargo at the same time. Minivans aren’t sexy-they don’t have the rugged appeal of a truck or the style of an SUV. They are practical to the core, addressing many of the needs of a busy family on the go, but a carpeted interior means that messy and heavy loads are likely a no-go.

A minivan is the ultimate family vehicle, handling the needs of passengers and basic cargo with a budget-friendly price, but may not be the best option if lots of heavy, messy, or otherwise unwieldy cargo is a part of your daily life.

SUV vs. Truck: Which One Should You Buy?

Truck: When You Need Flexibility and Power

If you’re looking at SUVs and trucks, you’ve got cargo on your mind. Big cargo, small cargo, trips to the dump, trips to the warehouse club and everything in between-you want something that can give you options without sacrificing power. So which option is right for you?

when you need a truckTruck Inventory

Truck: When You Need Flexibility and Power

A truck is built to haul and it doesn’t much care what it hauls. Whether you are headed to the water and towing your boat or are headed Christmas shopping and plan on bringing home a tree, a truck is built to handle it all. That flexibility and adaptability can be really useful in everyday life, whether you are asked to help a friend move a couch or pick up a case of toilet paper, and luckily that adaptability doesn’t come by sacrificing drivability. Because the rear bed is separate from the cab, drivers have a lot more options. Heavy loads can be handled easily without worrying about damage to the interior and can be loaded easily as well without worrying about door clearance or height restrictions. Small cargo may get lost or fly out while driving, which is a concern, but a cargo net or truck box can solve that problem easily without sacrificing the benefits of an easy-to-clean, open truck bed.

Trucks aren’t especially fuel efficient, but they’re not much worse than some large SUVs and with fuel as cheap as it is right now, the price at the pump shouldn’t be a huge problem for truck buyers. One of the great benefits of trucks today is that they come with passenger options as well. Most models have a four-door option with a back seat, allowing trucks to seat five to six passengers fairly comfortably. While you might sacrifice some storage space on the inside, the exterior storage space certainly makes up for it.

Trucks are made for hauling and towing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good family vehicles as well.

when you need a suvSUV Inventory

SUV: Passenger Comfort and Cargo Options

Some people think that SUVs are just covered trucks, but SUVs actually have more in common with cars and vans than trucks with a similar unibody design and drivability. So, for the most part, SUVs cater to passenger comfort. Whether you choose a crossover, compact, midsize or full-size SUV, the first goal is to transport as many passengers as possible in comfort and style. Some SUVs can seat seven to nine people with a third-row option, which blows most vehicles out of the water (even minivans!). With interior options and style prized by most SUV manufacturers, drivers and passengers are riding in style with upgrades like onboard DVD players coming standard more and more.

SUVs can offer some serious cargo room, though, when passenger rows are stored. Some new models offer as much as 120 cubic feet of space, which may rival the storage capacity of some smaller trucks. That of course means that everyday trips to the grocery store are a breeze, but it also means that an SUV can also do great work during a move, hauling furniture, or even taking large loads to the dump or donation center. A couple of things to consider: with carpet comes challenges for messy loads, doors that don’t open wide can make cargo loading a challenge, and although your SUV can tow your boat to the water that doesn’t mean it will be able to pull it up the ramp without complaining. While there’s plenty of room in an SUV for cargo, the type of cargo matters.

SUVs are made for moving people and their stuff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do some hauling as well.

And your Strive 2 Drive 2016 winner is…

Dick Hannah Dealerships Car Giveaway
From left to right: Deb Gill, KPTV Fox 12, Noah Puckett, Strive 2 Drive 2016 winner, & Jennifer Hannah, VP of Dick Hannah Dealerships.

We are excited to announce that this year’s Strive 2 Drive winner is Noah Puckett, a 18 year old senior from Union High School! The 2015-2016 Strive 2 Drive academic initiative came to a close on Sunday, July 24th 2016 at its annual drawing event at Portland International Raceway in Portland, Oregon. Congratulations to Noah on not only winning his choice of one of eight brand new cars but also for an outstanding academic year!

Strive 2 Drive recognizes both GPA increases from the first to second semester as well as overall GPA successes.  At the end of the school year, contest winners are selected at a drawing event at Portland International Raceway  The program is open to all students that have met the qualifications and there is no cost to participate.

Check out KPTV 12’s Deb Gill interview Noah right after his name was drawn as the winner.

Mighty Pacific Receives the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year Award

Mighty Pacific Group

Dick Hannah Dealerships’ Auto Parts Distributor, Mighty Pacific, has won the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year Award from Mighty Auto Parts. Gary Schuler, Corey Akins, Reuben Wagner and Dave Blair from Mighty Pacific were recognized at Mighty Auto Parts’ 2016 National Sales Meeting in Coronado, California for leading their franchise to an outstanding performance last year. This was Might Pacific’s 3rd nomination in their first 5 years of existence, something that has never happened in Mighty of America’s 53-year history.

Mighty Auto Parts is an auto parts distributor with 119 franchises in the United States that serve auto dealers, quick lubes, independent service repair shops, and more across the country. Mighty Pacific is the local Mighty Auto Parts franchise owned by Vice Presidents’ of Dick Hannah Dealerships, Jason and Jennifer Hannah, and based out of Vancouver, Washington.

“Congratulations to you and your Mighty Pacific team for winning the 2015 Mighty Franchise of the Year
Award. Our slate of five Franchise of the Year nominees from Mighty’s universe of over 100 franchises
was extremely strong this year, so this Award is particularly noteworthy. Mighty enjoyed its third
successive record sales year in 2015. Mighty Pacific’s results were spectacular with a 27.64% sales
increase. In addition, the Mighty Pacific team set a sterling example of successful Mighty franchise
integration into a car dealership operation, , the highly respected Hannah Motor Company.
All of us at Mighty are proud of our association with you and are thrilled that Mighty Pacific has earned this important recognition,” Ken Voekler, President and CEO of Mighty Auto Parts.

Dick Hannah Dealerships Believes In Green

Environment Friendly Auto Dealership

Partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation in 2007, Dick Hannah Dealerships plants a tree for every vehicle sold. We are happy to say that so far we’ve planted over 134,000 trees! Just one example of Dick Hannah Dealerships’ dedication to keeping the Pacific Northwest green!

Dick Hannah Dealerships sets the standard for environmental best practices for automotive dealerships. Our internal Green Task Force partners with Waste Connections, Inc. and Clark Public Utilities to evaluate and implement waste reduction strategies and energy saving techniques.

Want more information about our green initiatives?
Go to:


See our Green Task Force at work in our newest and greenest video yet!

Community Event – Beaches Summertime Cruisin’ 2016

Beaches Summertime Cruisin

Dick Hannah Dealerships is once again joining Beaches Restaurant and Bar for the Beaches Summertime Cruisin’ car show beginning June 1st, 2016 and continuing every Wednesday throughout the summer until September 28th, 2016. For more information on the event go to  A summer staple, the Beaches Summertime Cruisin’ is a car show, party and charity event rolled into one delivering Vancouver and Portland area residents a chance to have fun for a good cause as well as enjoy the classic Beaches Restaurant atmosphere and of course, lots and lots of classic cars!

Over the last five years, Dick Hannah Dealerships has helped to raise over $2,000,000 for children’s charities in the Portland/Vancouver area. Overall donations are made from the people in the community who come to this event every year and continue to make the event grow as an estimated 2000-4000 people are expected to attend weekly this summer.

•$5 per show ride with one passenger. Each additional
passenger is $9.
•$9 general public entry; Kids 12 & under free.
•Gates open at 3:00pm for Show Rides
•General Public & Bar opens at 4:00pm; Drags & BBQ start at 5:00pm

All proceeds from this event go to local charities that benefit kids.

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Beaches Summertime Cruisin

Dick Hannah Dealerships is once again joining Beaches Restaurant and Bar for the Beaches Summertime Cruisin’ car show beginning June 1st, 2016 and continuing every Wednesday throughout the summer until September 28th, 2016. For more information on the event go to  A summer staple, the Beaches Summertime Cruisin’ is a car show, party and charity event rolled into one delivering Vancouver and Portland area residents a chance to have fun for a good cause as well as enjoy the classic Beaches Restaurant atmosphere and of course, lots and lots of classic cars!

Over the last five years, Dick Hannah Dealerships has helped to raise over $2,000,000 for children’s charities in the Portland/Vancouver area. Overall donations are made from the people in the community who come to this event every year and continue to make the event grow as an estimated 2000-4000 people are expected to attend weekly this summer.

•$5 per show ride with one passenger. Each additional
passenger is $9.
•$9 general public entry; Kids 12 & under free.
•Gates open at 3:00pm for Show Rides
•General Public & Bar opens at 4:00pm; Drags & BBQ start at 5:00pm

All proceeds from this event go to local charities that benefit kids.

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